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Welcome my personal website. This website focuses on esoteric programming languages.

Esoteric programming languages

Esoteric programming languages are a group of programming languages that have been created with an unusual concept in each case. E.g., Brainfuck is a language which is strongly based on the functional principles of Turing machines.


In Piet, which has been created by David Morgan-Mar, the program code does not consist of one or multiple text file, but of an image. The language is named after the painter Piet Mondrian. My results in Piet are mainly a Brainfuck interpreter in Piet and a very fast interpreter for Piet. Further, the Piet program at the right should be mentioned. It outputs different, sensible strings depending on the codel size. Please visit the Piet area of my website for more details.


Malbolge has been created by Ben Olmstead with the purpose to make programming as hard as possible. It is named after Malebolge, which is the eighth circle of hell. I accepted the challenge and obtained some interesting results. Priorly, related work has been done by Louis Scheffer and Hisashi Iizawa et al. I want to point to my quine in Malbolge, my assembler for Malbolge, and my Malbolge online interpreter resp. debugger. You can find more of my work concerning Malbolge at the Malbolge subpage.